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How to Avoid Culture Shock when Travelling

She is Lisa, an unconventional thirty-something divorcee who is re-discovering her lust for life, one country at a time. Lisa has travelled extensively in her twenties as a solo female, and spent her youthful years living in Australia, working in a hotel in Guernsey, as a chalet girl in France and a cocktail waitress on a cruise ship and was constantly moving around until she reached the age of 33 and decided that it was time to settle down.

She believes that life is one big adventure and she considers herself a risk taker.  – “Some people just aren’t meant to lead a conventional life and I am one of them”.

Nowadays she works as a travel writer (and she gets paid to do it!) and runs her own website (just for love!). She also grabs video tips and we thought we’d share one of them, where Lisa shares her tips on how to avoid culture shock when travelling.

Find more backpacker tips in Lisa’s book “A Female Guide to Solo Travel“.