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Important: Update For US Citizens Travelling To Turkey

The Governments in both Turkey and the United States of America have suddenly and unexpectedly, suspended their visitor visa between the two countries on the 8th October 2017. This has left a lot of traveller’s confused, and worried about their travel plans. Here are some answers to the questions on many United States and Turkish citizens:

I Am A US Citizen- Can I Still Travel To Turkey?

It depends. If you are planning to travel to Turkey and don’t have a visa yet, you will not be able to get one. However, if you have already been approved for a Turkish travel visa, you are able to travel to still travel, as issued visa’s are NOT being revoked. Also, if you are purely travelling through Turkey on a layover to another destination, this issue will not affect you, you can still continue on with your travel plans.

How Long Is This Suspension Expected To Last?

According to the New York Times– In a statement, Mr. Bass, the United States Ambassador in Turkey,  said that he hopes the visa suspension won’t last long. “The duration will be a function of ongoing discussions between our two governments about the reasons for the detention of our local staff members and the Turkish Government’s commitment to protecting our facilities and our personnel here in Turkey,” he said.

Mr. Karamanoglu, a spokesman for the Turkish Embassy in Washington said that the duration of Turkey’s visa suspension depends on the United States. “If the U.S. government revokes its measure, we will revoke ours,” he said.

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