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Mykonos: a Picture-Perfect Greek Island


If you are interested in enjoying amazing beaches, upscale restaurants, luxury hotels, and amazing nightlife, you should pay a visit to idyllic Mykonos. This famous Greek island is a picture-perfect place with infinite things to catch your camera’s eye. From white and blue-coloured cubic houses to bright turquoise waters to pink sunsets, every sight makes a great photograph. Though it’s not very big island, there are plenty of things to see and experience here.

Things to do in Mykonos:

Little Venice


The best way to explore the island is to get out and let your instinct take you through the beautiful maze-like of alleyways of ‘Little Venice’, where you will see the iconic white and blue-coloured houses. Little Venice offers lots of cafés, bars, and high-end boutiques where you can find authentic goods, souvenirs, jewelry, and other artesanal keepsakes. You won’t find a single thing here that’s not photogenic.

Beaches & Parties


Mykonos is famous for its beautiful beaches and wild parties. The island offers loads of beaches, but not all of them are meant for relaxation and sunbathing. Many are famous party beaches, and you will experience crazy nights, days, and everything in between here.

  • Psarou Beach is one of the most deluxe and calm beaches of Mykonos. It is a bit removed from the main town and a great place for relaxing.
  • Super Paradise Beach, known as a party beach, offers scenic views and beach bars. The party starts here pretty early and is often wild, with many nude dancers.
  • Paradise Beach is another party beach where the fun starts long before sunset. The famous Tropicana Beach Bar is where the party really gets wild and goes to another level.
  • Paraga Beach has a really nice vibe and things stay calm here. It’s a place where you can enjoy swimming in shallow waters and take a leisurely break from beach party madness.

Windsurfing & Scuba Diving


Mykonos has some great diving locations and the diving experience will let you discover an ancient underwater shipwreck and vibrant coral reefs. Besides diving, the island also offers some beautiful locations for windsurfing. The Kalafatis Bay is also a great place for freestyle surfing.



This is another must see spot of Mykonos. Windmills are a unique feature of this island and some date back to 16th century. Situated southwest of the town Hora, the beautiful and historic windmills attract a lot of visitors.


One thing is sure, no matter where you go on this island, you will not be able to stop snapping pictures of this beautiful and photogenic place.


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