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Lie While Travelling?

We all know it’s not good to lie, but it can be a good idea to lie in certain situations while travelling. As travellers are vulnerable to frauds, harassment, and other bad experiences, simply lying about something can be a wise decision to avoid problems.

Here are some handy white lies that you can use while travelling:

taxi scam

I am Not New Here

Many unpleasant situations can be avoided by using this lie. If you come across a taxi driver or a local who seems dodgy and they ask you if it’s your first time in the city, then it’s best to tell them that you have been here before. If you claim it to be your first time in the city, then the person might take advantage of your situation. Be wise and don’t be an easy target.

attractions scam

Sorry, I Forgot

If you meet someone  who is too inquisitive about you, be sure to raise your guard. Try not to disclose much information about yourself. If someone asks your hotel name or address and you don’t feel sure about them, just pretend to forget the details and say “sorry, I don’t remember.”

lie i-dont-know-english

I Don’t Know English

In many cities, you might be approached by a pushy salesman who will just not back down and keep insisting that you try or buy something. Simply shrug them off. Saying that you don’t know English would be enough to get them out of your way. Don’t give them your time, just keep saying ‘no English,’ and move on.


I Am Not Alone

This is mostly useful for solo travellers, especially female solo travellers, as they are more easily targeted. Someone might annoy you at a bar or in a local market, thinking you are alone. You can get away from them by telling them that you are travelling with a friend, who is waiting for you in the hotel or who has gone to buy something. It will make you less vulnerable in difficult situations.