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Road Trips Are the Way to Travel More Safely This Summer

Just like many other things after the Coronavirus pandemic, traveling is coming back with a few changes. Trips to foreign and exotic countries are out of the question, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a good road trip this summer.

To stay safe while having fun this summer, road trips are the perfect option. As per a recent American survey, more than 70% of travelers are planning road trips this summer. Among them, 43% of people are looking forward to staying at a friend’s place rather than a hotel for an overnight trip. 

Air travel is restricted in most countries even now, as the risk of infection is very high. Research highlights that a single infected person has affected 15 other passengers on the same flight. Though some measures like touchless kiosks, distance seating, and sneeze guards are taken by the airlines, the risk is not worth taking. 

In this situation, relieving mental stress by taking vacation close to home is ideal, and road trips are one of the easiest ways to do that. However, planning trips with strict precautionary measures to avoid contagion is essential.

Let us see learn about a safe road trip for this summer:

1. Keep a First Aid Kit with You

According to Jeff Weinstein, a supervisor who provides medical advice to travelers, seven things are essential to keep in the pandemic first aid kit. These are: 

  1. Masks 
  2. Hand sanitizers
  3. Wipes
  4. Detergent 
  5. Isopropyl alcohol wipes 
  6. Digital oximeter 
  7. Thermometer 

The first three things, masks, sanitizers, and wipes, are already present in everyone’s bag these days. Keeping a detergent helps clean your masks. Let them dry overnight. Similarly, isopropyl alcohol wipes are the safest option for smartphone cleaning. As suggested by several smartphone manufacturers, they won’t harm the phone. 

A thermometer is another essential thing as fever is the most common symptom of the virus. In some cases, the oxygen level tends to drop. Therefore keeping an oximeter is important. Be sure that the reading is above 94%, otherwise rush towards a hospital urgently. 

2. Research and Plan 

Since the situation is still not clear in many areas, we do not know what things are open and what restrictions are practiced in some areas. Therefore, researching well before stepping outside is important. For instance, if you reach the top of the mountain and then get to know about the closed tower, you will end up with utter disappointment. 

To get rid of such situations, follow a few steps: 

  • Always check the websites and social media pages of the places you are planning to visit. Notice the timings and rules. Many spots have open for short timings and have changed their rules due to the pandemic. 
  • Check the tourism board of the area. Also, notice rules concerning eateries. If you are planning to eat out, check if the restaurant requires a reservation. Some restaurants are only offering to take away service these days. 
  • Keep some readymade snacks and drinks with you. If nearby eateries get closed before you reach, you will have something to eat. Better safe than sorry. 
  • Even if you have visited the same places several times, it’s time to recheck. It is because the number of infected persons in some areas is more than others. To be on the safer side, avoid places with a high number of infected cases. Some places are still banned from outsiders. So, plan the entire route along with destinations. 

3. Clean and Sanitize the Car

As per Danish Richards, a CEO of Global Crises, sitting in a taxi or a rental car is riskier than an airplane. However, going in your own vehicle is safe. In both cases, thorough cleaning followed by sanitization is imperative. 

Start with dusting the interior and then move on to cleaning the carpets, mats, and seats of your car. Take out the carpets and mats from the car. Thoroughly vacuum them, spray some sanitizer and let them dry overnight. Also, clean the interior, including steering, seats, handles, and music system. Sanitize every part carefully. Once the interior is done, keep the windows open for a few hours. Clean the exterior parts as well. If you are short of time, send your car for a car washing service. 

4. Select Your Playlist

Since you will be avoiding public spots and experience social distancing, some great soundtracks are ideal for kicking off boredom. If you are heading towards the beach, go for a Zack Brown Band. Think of the crystal white sand beaches and enjoy the track on the go. 

Select Eagles blast and Buena Vista if going through a highway route. If road fatigue is making you feel sick, go for the upbeat of the Arlo Hotel. It is inspired by remote working and features some famous artists like Gambino, Tyler, etc. 

5. Book Hotels in Advance

If you are planning to rest in a hotel at night, book your hotel in advance. It is because hotels are also practicing social distancing. Many of them have a limited number of rooms. Waiting areas are closed, and additional facilities like pool and gyms are closed. So, be sure to search for a safe hotel that is practicing all precautionary measures and have a room available. 

6. Bonus Tips 

Try to pay all your bills with cards. Use less cash. It cannot be sanitized. Cards can be safely cleaned with alcohol wipes or sanitizer sprays. 

Also, keep in mind that many restaurants will not allow you to use the washroom as a precautionary measure. So, you will use gas station washrooms and the one in restrooms. However, you need to be extra careful with sanitization. Do not touch the doorknobs and the handles. Always cover your hands with tissue paper as these public washrooms are in use by many other road travelers.

Wrapping It Up

In short, road trips this summer are the safest option to have an outdoor vacation activity. In comparison to an airline where many other passengers are in the same plane, a separate car maintains social distance. However, thorough research and planning about destinations are imperative. Everything should be considered in light of the pandemic, and a final route should be planed. Besides this, cleaning the car, keeping first aid, booking hotels in advance, and keeping some ready to eat items are essential. 

Guest post written by: Myrah Abrar.

Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Carpet Cleaning.