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Sri Lanka Floods Update: Safe to Travel for Tourism

a groupd of local residents evacuate because of the sri lanka floods

Despite the devastating consequences of the Sri Lanka Floods, there is some good news for travellers. If you have a trip planned or are planning to travel to Sri Lanka, you have nothing to worry about. 

“The floods and landslides which caused damage to lives and properties in some parts of the country have spared the tourist areas of Sri Lanka.”

-Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, Press Release – May 30 2017. 

According to a press release by the Sri Lanka Tourism Bureau, key tourist areas frequented by travellers and foreigners, specifically the coastal belt of South, East and West Sri Lanka, sacred city of Kandy, and the cultural triangle and the commercial city of Colombo, were free of damage and obstruction. Roads and hotels in these regions are fully operational, so tourists are welcome to travel to Sri Lanka for the time being.

Sri Lanka government along with other first aid and humanitarian organisations have begun rescue missions and clean up operations for the regions heavily affected in Sri Lanka. You can learn more about damages and casualties here and details about the efforts to help stabilise the situation.