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The San Blas Islands: Heaven on Earth

San Blas Islands are well known because of the 365 islands that form the archipelago, the local people say that there is one island for each day of the year. Although all of them are run by the Kuna Yala community, you can find your piece of heaven in one of these beautiful Caribbean beaches.

Small Island with palm trees, like a small heaven on Earth

You start the journey with a 3 hours ride to Carti dock. Before leaving make sure to buy everything you might need as there’s literally nothing on the islands, just small stores where the Kunas offer beers, snacks and water to support their community.

A small boat on a river with the forest around

Once you reach the port get ready for a very wet trip, boats go fast so do not sit on the back. It’s a small price you pay for an amazing experience on the paradise, you will have your own Caribbean slice of heaven just for you and few others.

People Traveling to San Blas by Boat

There are actually a lot of islands so you can choose the type of experience you want, you can either have fun with a bunch of backpackers seeking for party, or something more quite to grab a book or just be with yourself. You will see blue skies, white sand, palm trees and if you want a field full of starfish, there are few snorkel tours that allow you to explore sea life.

A woman snorkelling close to one of the multiple island of San Blas

You also have a lot of options for accommodation, from very basic cabins where floor is the soft sand to luxury buildings with all amenities.

A great adventure to be in touch with the nature and forget about the city life.

Bamba Experience offers an Adventure Trip to the San Blas Archipelago from Panama City. Depending on your time availability, you can either take a 3, 4 or 5-day tour, where you will have the opportunity to snorkel around your host island in crystal clear Caribbean waters or take a boat ride to visit the traditional Kuna Yala village where you can buy their amazing handicrafts.