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Discover the World through Photos: Laos

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A sleepy land locked country that has recently started attracting travellers worldwide, Laos is the epitome of ‘laid back’. Even in its capital, Vientiane, it’s not uncommon to wonder where everyone is. Once a part of French Indochina (along with Vietnam and Cambodia), Laos won its independence in 1953 with a constitutional monarchy. However the king was overthrown in 1975 by the Pathet Lao, a communist group with the backing of Vietnam and the Soviet Union and to this day remains communist.

Largely an agricultural country with little infrastructure, Laos is easily the one of the least developed countries in South East Asia. But what it lacks in economic development, in makes up in sheer friendliness and hospitality. Laos is well known for its humble, inviting and down to earth people. And what it lacks in beaches, it makes up in stunning mountain landscapes, dotted by picturesque villages, where time apparently has stood still. It has well and truly arrived on the traveller map.

Photo of the street during the Lao New Year; people playing instruments on a car

Songkran the “Lao New Year” is by far the most lively and widely celebrated holiday in the country celebrated every year from April 14-16th. In cities like Luang Prabang the festivities last nearly a week. Water is thrown on houses, statues and people as a cleansing ritual. It is also respectfully poured on monks for blessings of peace and long life. Shaving cream, whipped cream or white powder is also used for cleaning. Sand stupas are made at temples to give as an offering to the monks and people use flowers and perfumes to decorate Buddha statues. During the day most everyone goes to worship at the temple for a happy and healthy life in the new year. By night they dance to traditional Lao music, molam & lamvong.

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