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The Top 6 Destinations in Northern Thailand

Proudly advertised as the land of smiles, Thailand offers much more than friendly people. Firmly rated as the world’s top tourist destination, few can argue that it’s undeserved. With a huge selection of pristine beaches and tropical islands, a fascinatingly rich culture, and mountains to go hiking in, Thailand seems to have it all.

Nowadays, Thailand is attracting tourists far and wide. The Northern areas with Chiang Mai as its heart offers everything from rafting and treks to hill tribes and elephant camps. From the uber-fascinating ruins of ancient cities such as in Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, to spectacular beaches that leave you awestruck and let’s not forget the mouth-watering, world famous Thai cuisine.  

Here is a list of our favourite destinations in Northern Thailand.

1. Chiang Mai:

The northern capital, is one of every backpacker’s favourite destinations thanks to the magnificent temples, the many courses and workshops, and for its proximity to local villages .

Chiang Mai temple on of the top destinations in Northern Thailand

2. Sukhothai:

This is the oldest of Thailand capitals (older than Ayutthaya), and here you will find the country’s most impressive ruins, it’s a cannot-miss place for those travellers that want to add a touch of history and culture to their trip.


3. Mae Sot & Umphang:

Mae Sot is a town on the border with Burma (Myanmar) where you can find many NGO’s, one of them being Colabora Birmania, which helps Burmese refugees. Umphang is located 4 hours south of Mae Sot. This is a small paradise surrounded by nature, the perfect place to relax and to explore the nearby Umphang Natural Reserve, where you can find the highest waterfall in the country.


4. Pai:

This is heaven for hippies and backpackers that like to drink, smoke and do biking and motorbiking trips around the area.


5. Mae Hong Son:

A nice village surrounded by mountains and some very interesting temples. The perfect destination for extreme sports lovers thanks to the many trekking and rafting activities available.

White water rafting in Northern Thailand

6. Chiang Rai:

A small city on the northern point of the country and the commercial centre of the Golden Triangle, is located in an area that comprehends Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. There are many temples to visit, some museums and many adventure activities available. One of the most famous temples in the area is the White Temple.

White temple Chiang Rai, Thailand