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Our Top 10 Holiday Destinations in Asia

Finding the best travel destinations in Asia can be a very difficult task for some because there are so many options for you to visit while you are on this great continent.

To help you with this, we have come up with the top 10 holiday destinations in Asia for you to make the most of this incredible part of the globe:

1. Hiking the Great Wall of China

This is a location that certainly lives up to the reputation of being great. This engineering marvel is a must-see if you find yourself in the area. This hike is really an amazing adventure but you will need a higher level of endurance if you are going to be able to complete this hike. If you can, you will take in some incredible views.

Discover the Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, the Temple of Heaven, and walk on the Great Wall. Experience the traditional Beijing life in the hutongs by bike and taste delicious local specialities: King of Beijing 4D/3N

2. Snorkelling in Koh Tao (Thailand)

Taking a snorkelling trip in Koh Tao is such a magical experience. When you see that gorgeously clear water and the variety of majestic natural creatures in the water, you will remember this experience forever.

Enjoy free time on the beautiful Koh Tao island and then go snorkelling and ziplining on Koh Phangan island on this 8-day trip from Bangkok: Koh Phangan & Koh Tao Adventure 8D/7N

3. Caving in the Philippines

You may not know this but there are so many different cave options in the Philippines that you can enjoy. Among these top choices that you must visit include Aglipay Caves, with 8 accessible caves for you to venture in. You could also visit the largest cave in the country, the Calbiga Cave.

Discover the beautiful Puerto Princesa and El Nido on this exciting 8-day trip filled with underground rivers, stunning beaches and underwater paradises: Puerto Princesa & El Nido Adventure 8D/7N

4. Riding a Motorcycle in Dalat (Vietnam)

When travelling around this location, a motorcycle can be a great way to take in some of the most beautiful sites that this country has to offer. Among the best highways to travel on are Mui Ne to Da Lat, and Da Lat to Nha Trang.

Ride on the back of a motorcycle and admire the region’s beautiful lakes, waterfalls, lush forests in the countryside and discover the local culture: Countryside Motorcycle Adventure

5. Experiencing Bagan Temples in a Hot Air Balloon (Myanmar)

There is really only one word that you can use to describe this experience: breathtaking. You may think that this is an odd way to take in these temples but once you experience it, you will see that there is no other way to see them

Enjoy a short 4-day adventure in Bagan to explore the area’s temples, pagodas and marketplaces for a peek into local life: Bagan Short Break 4D/3N

6. Trekking Mt Bromo (Indonesia)

Mt. Bromo is not just the most iconic mountain in the country but it is also the one that is most commonly hiked. There is a reason for that. It is an active volcano but this adds to the beauty of the scenery that you will find in the area. It is an easy hike but one that will be so memorable.

Traverse plantations and rainforests, see Ijen Crater’s  blue fire, enjoy magnificent views of the lake, and end with an amazing climb up the Mt. Bromo volcano: Crater Lake & Mount Bromo Adventure 3D/2N

7. Sunrise in Poon Hill (Himalayas)

There really is no hike quite like this one. You absolutely must visit complete this hike because you will get some of the most stunning sights that you have ever seen as you continue your trek.

Embark on this amazing 5-day trek in the beautiful region of Annapurna and get to know the traditional Nepalese culture: Annapurna Poon Hill Trek 5D/4N

8. Walking Around in India

This is truly a remarkable experience that you have to do. You will get to see and experience the real culture of the country by just walking around the city.

Discover India on a Hop-on Hop-off Bus Pass and enjoy flexible travels and amazing cultures: Tikka Masala Ways (from New Delhi)

9. Orangutan Sightseeing (Borneo)

Orangutans are majestic creatures so if you get an opportunity to see these animals, you need to take it. Make sure that you only see them in their natural environment because this will add into this amazing experience.

Go on this 4-day adventure to see the famous Orangutan, have the opportunity to go on a Canopy walk in the middle of the jungle, explore Gomantung Cave and cruise along the Kinabatangan River: Sandakan Orangutan Experience 4D/3N

10. Malaysia Food Tasting

One of the best experiences that any location has to offer is their foods. That is especially true here with the street foods like assam laksa, rojak, and apom balik just to name a few of the best offerings.

Get into the true atmosphere of Malaysian street food by going to the city’s best street stands and tasting local delicacies with an expert local guide: Kuala Lumpur Foodie Experience