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The Top Ten Things to Do in Oceania

We all want to visit Oceania. Don’t we? Here I have compiled one list which would reveal the top things you should do and experience in Oceania. Enjoy!

Surfing in Spot X

Surfing in Spot X is interesting and one of the top 10 activities in Oceania despite the waves. Before surfing at spot x, some people desire to know the quality of sea wave that may prevail at the time they want to be there. Because of the risk involved, many people will like to have a surfing insurance to protect their lives in case an accident occurs. However, it is a safe act as long as you abide by the rules. Before going to Spot X to surf, ensure you have the right surfing boards and test them before partaking in the primary activity.

Fraser Island

Frasier Island is located in Australia close to the Queensland Coast. It is the largest sand island in the world that is above 120 km. One good thing about this island is that it is the only island in the world where rainforests grow very tall. Going to the island is a must do in Oceania because it is fun to visit. The beautiful blue water is surrounded by white sand and can get the individual relaxed.

Enjoy the freedom of driving around the sandy beaches of Fraser Island on this 3 day camping tour: Fraser Island Camping Adventure 3D/2N

The Whitsunday Islands

This is the collection of many islands of various continents. In order to locate this island, an individual or explorer travels to the central coast of the Queensland Australia covering a distance of 900 miles. The name Whitsunday was given by Captain Cook in one of his journals where he entitled it ‘Whitsunday’s passage.’ The island is a very popular tourist site and is regarded as a leading yachting destination in the southern hemisphere. It is recorded to have accommodated a minimum of 700 000 visitors within the period of March 2008 and March 2009.

Experience a thrilling sailing trip on former Racing Maxi Yachts, across the diverse beaches scattered throughout the Whitsundays Islands: Whitsundays Sailing Adventure 2D/2N

Kakadu National Park

The park is located in northern Australia. The park harbors about 2000 plants and animals in salt water. An interesting thing about this national reserve area is that you get to see and know some animals that may interest. You may also study more about plants and understand the relationship between aquatic lives and how they affect humans among others.

Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock is close to Alice Springs in Australia. It is a big sandstone monolith in the northern part of Australia. It is a pure rock to those living in Australia and is believed to have started around 550 million years ago. It is a redrock dome and is regarded as one of the most famous tourist centers in Australia. Ayers rock is also a world heritage site and indeed a good attraction.

Explore the remote outback of Central Australia, stare at imposing mesas and sleep out under the stars: Red Centre Adventure 3D/2N

Bungee Jumping in Queenstown

Bungee Jumping is a flying must do in Oceania adventure that is most widely practiced in Queenstown. Queenstown is located in New Zealand and is regarded as the home of the world’s first bungee jump. It was pioneered by a man, A.J Hackett Bungy where he saw this activity as an adrenalin activity in Queenstown New Zealand. It is also known as Bungy jumping where a long elastic rod is tied to the person’s ankles which enable him to jump off at a great height. It was recorded that he discovered this jump in 1888 at the Kawarau Bridge which is 141 feet over the river.

Experience the highest Bungy in Australasia with its 134m Bungy Jump above the stark beauty of the Nevis River in Queenstown: Nevis Highest Bungy

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

The Tongariro alpine crossing is a one-day trek that is carried out in New Zealand. It involves many steep climbs even in the presence of unpredictable weather. This trek is regarded as the best one-day trek in the New Zealand that is about 19.4 km in the journey.
Alpine crossing in Tongariro is so much fun on the volcanoes. There is so much fun there as you would come across many things that look both strange and enticing. It is an activity you can do to keep fit and also forget about the loneliness of the area. Make Tongariro alpine crossing one of your must do in Oceania and you will have fun stories to tell on your way home.

Franz Josef Glacier Heli-like

The Franz Josef Glacier helicopter is a tour that is all inspiring. It is a flight that is guided by a glacier hike where you experience a lot of panoramic views after the flight. The aim of the trip is to exceed the rugged terrain to a very high height. Various ice formations are seen during the journey from the topmost of the rough terrain through an extraordinary land of towering peaks.

Experience the Franz Josef Glacier at its most dynamic, with New Zealand’s best hiking guides: Franz Josef Glacier Valley Experience

Kayaking in Nelson National Park

The Nelson National Park is located in the south island of New Zealand. It is separated by valleys and forests and surrounded by steep mountains of Rotorua and Rotoiti as the alpine lakes. This Nelson Lake National Park contains formed honeydew created by skilled insects. This serves as a source of high energy giving food for many insects and birds. The Alpine lakes make up the heart of this park and contain 102000 hectares of land.

Waitomo Caves Black Water Rafting

The Blackwater rafting is a tour to do in New Zealand. It is said to be the New Zealand’s first black water rafting adventure. In order to ensure success and a great sense of achievement, expert guides are provided to guide the individual or groups of people who visit the tower to partake in the adventure. The people derive many advantages such as locating the various positions of limestone and other valuable mineral resources that are found beneath the earth.

Discover the magical 30 million year old Waitomo Caves on this amazing return day trip from Auckland: Waitomo Glowworm Caves Experience

There are many benefits you can derive from going to the top ten activities in Oceania. One of them is that it helps one to relax and discover new things in another environment. Sometimes, we need a break of this nature to unwind from regular work routine and be refreshed for another year. If you ever find an opportunity to travel to any of the countries in Oceania, ensure that you take maximum advantage of it.