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Your Worst Travel Nightmares… and How to Solve Them!

Travelling can be one of the best things in life…or one of the most stressful. Sometimes a series of unfortunate events can transform your dream holiday into a travel nightmare!

Here is a list of common travel nightmares with some quick solutions and precautions to help you keep having a blast!



It’s a big moment of frustration when you arrive at a hotel and hear that your reservation is missing. This could be your worst nightmare if you have just arrived from a long flight expecting a sound sleep in a comfy hotel bed. Don’t worry, simply show your reservation confirmation (remember to always take screenshots!) to the hotel staff or call the company who booked your accommodation. Worst case, if they can’t get you a room in their hotel, you can ask for nearby alternatives.


Lost Wallet/Passport

A wallet is something that can change the complete course of your travel as it contains many crucial things like money, credit cards, IDs, etc. Losing it might just be your biggest nightmare. But you can recover easily if you have done some preparation. Always keep a list of all your bank accounts and credit cards. Keep some extra cash in another bag and a xerox of your passport, visa, and other important documents. You can also leave a copy of important documents at home or with a friend. In case you lose your wallet, you will have some cash, a picture of your ID, and a list of cards to block.



When you are travelling with a rented car or bike, it’s hard not to worry about accidents. It’s a tricky situation if you crash while driving a rental, especially with someone who speaks a different language. That is why it’s better to check with the rental company about these worst-case scenarios and get proper insurance before travelling. Check beforehand if your coverage includes such accidents. Another thing to do is thoroughly research and learn the local driving rules and how to deal with them.

Lost luggage at Airport.

Lost Luggage

Although this is not common, it does happen. Many people have discovered to their dismay that their luggage is lost, stolen, or damaged. There could be many reasons behind it, such as a bag being loaded on the wrong flight, mistagged, or abandoned. This could really upset your travel plans, but you can take a few steps to solve or avoid this. Always write your name and address on the tag, and arrive early at the check-in and not at the last moment, as most of misrouted luggage happen with late check-ins.

Tyler Metcalfe is attended to by emergency medical dispatchers after being hit by a car in Pittsburg, Kansas. Tyler suffered a sever concussion, broken spine bones, bruised ribs and a torn leg muscle from the wreck, temporarily ending his ride across the country.

Medical Emergency

In some unfortunate incident, it could happen that you break a leg while doing some adventurous activity or get another serious health problem. In such cases, insurance is your savior. Always purchase travel insurance that covers medical treatments. This will provide you a big monetary support if required, and you can get the best treatment without much hassle.