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The 10 Best Countries For Camping

Forget about sharing a 2-man tent with six mates at a music festival, or helping your dad set up the tent in the backyard. These 10 countries are the best camping destination for those who really want to get back to nature. Pristine beaches, rugged mountains and breathtaking waterfront views all lie on the other side of your zipped tent door.


1. New Zealand

Arguably the best country in the world for outdoor enthusiasts, New Zealand is a land of rolling green hills, scenic coastlines and adventure. Whatever terrain you’re after, for your next camping trip, you’ll find it in New Zealand. A country where camping is permitted on almost all public land as part of their “freedom camping ” system.

So grab your Samwise Gamgee and head on your own great adventure through The Shire and beyond!

Shot of a white sand beach in New Zealand from above



Oh Canada, you beautiful thing! Home to some of the most varied and stunning National Parks and reserves on the planet, you’ll never be short of a place to camp. There are tens of thousands of campgrounds managed by Park Canada, some of the remotest of which have Wi-Fi access. You’ll need a permit to head out into the wilderness here but any efforts to organise the trip will undoubtedly be worth it.

You can even couple your camping experience with a kayaking adventure and spot breaching orcas off the coast.

A man lies on a hill in front of mountains in Canada


3. Norway

Since 1957, Nords and visitors alike have been free to pitch a tent in the open countryside for free! With hundreds of fjords to set up next to, you can camp in peace away from it all, with views worth framing and hanging on a wall. There are also plenty of great campsites with facilities for those who aren’t as keen on roughing it.

For the best time to visit Norway, and beyond, check out these GIF maps showing the best time to visit every country in Europe!

A tent next to a large lake where people are camping in Norway


4. The United States

A popular American pastime, the US of A seems to have been designed with the camper in mind. Such varied and outer-worldly landforms spread across stunning terrains. A perfect destination for the weekend camper or the die-hard mountaineer, there are campsites and hiking trails to suit everyone. To help you pick your perfect place to pitch, check out High Consumption’s list of the 21 best places to camp in the US.

A woman and her dog sit in a tent facing a like in the US


5. Australia

Whether you are heading outback for a desert experience, pitching a tent on a beach or exploring the stunning terrains of the Australian bush, there are an endless number of incredible campsites in the land down under. Both free and paid sites are available, you’ll even see tents pitched in rest stops along the side of the road. If you’re after more than just a cheap/free place to sleep from your camping adventure then I’d suggest getting off the main roads. Heading into the rugged Tasmanian wilderness, the tropical jungles of Queensland or the white sand beaches of the Whitsundays. Wherever you go make sure you are aware of the wildlife, especially the dangerous species, and that you know what to do if when you encounter them.

View of a white sand beach and the ocean from inside a tent in Australia


6. Iceland

Is there a better nightlight in existence than the Northern Lights? No. No there isn’t. The stars are cool but you can see them almost anywhere, the Northern Lights, however, can only be seen in a few countries. Iceland being one of them. Iceland is also home to some of the most incredible landscapes on the planet, as stunning as they are haunting. Setting yourself up for the night on volcanic plains near natural geysers, could it get any better?

Iceland is also a super expensive country and cutting out or down the cost of accommodation is a huge bonus of camping. You can pitch your tent for free on public land (one night only in each spot), and setting up in a camping ground will only set you back around $10 USD a night.

A tent pitched under the northern lights in Iceland


7. The United Kingdom

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, outside, outside, outside, outside – That’s how the rhyme goes, right? Aside from the cold, I can’t understand why anyone would live indoors when outside is all rolling green hills, castle ruins and fairy tale woodlands. From waking up to the misty, mystical waters of loches and glens in Scotland to trekking the coastal trails along craggy cliffs in England. Why not take the time to camp your way across the UK to experience it all!

I know it’s cheating by putting all these countries under one umbrella but for the sake of keeping the list inclusive and short, I did.

Two hammocks hanging in front of a colourful sunset in Scotland


8. Kyrgyzstan

This underrated Central Asian gem is perfect for campers wanting to get away from it all. Alone with the endless grassy plains and stunning mountain backdrops, camping in Kyrgyzstan is like living in an oil painting. Many Kyrgyz people still live the nomadic lifestyle so you will come across nomadic camps. Here you can get a warm soup or spend the night in a yurt. Trekking and camping in Kyrgyzstan come with a $0 price tag! But there is a border permit cost if you’re camping or trekking near the Chinese and Tajik borders.
Most of the hiking and camping you’ll be doing in Kyrgyzstan will be at or above an altitude of 3000m. So make sure you have good camping gear, warm clothes and all the hiking essentials. A man with a large red backpack hikes through the mountains in Kyrgyzstan


9. Kenya

Much less popular than the all-inclusive safari’s or glamping experiences, Kenya has an underutilised system of private and public campsites. Camp atop mountains, deep in the forest on a wooden platform or alongside wild elephants at Lake Paradise. It’s the perfect escape for the adventurous traveller looking to have authentic and unforgettable wildlife encounters!

Grassy hills with mountains in the background in Kenya


10. Indonesia

Made up of over 17,000 islands Indonesia is a tropical paradise! It may not be the first country people think of when they think “camping”. But it should definitely be on the list. You can head out on camping tours or string your camping hammock between two trees. With such warm weather and a wealth of natural beauty wherever you set up is sure to be a good spot. When camping alone or remotely make sure you are aware of your surroundings, and in a safe place. A circle of tents next to a lake in Indonesia where people are camping

If camping isn’t your style why not check out the coolest and quirkiest hostels on the planet!

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