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8 Micro-Countries that Can Be Explored in a Day

These micro-countries all measure under 350km², but what they lack in size they more than make up for in incredible nature, culture and history. Together they make up one hell of a day-trip bucket list:

Grenada (344 km²)

This pristine island nation is a tiny slice of paradise in the vast blue Caribbean. Known as Spice Island for its status as the world’s largest producer of nutmeg, Grenada provides an unforgettable experience right down to its perfumed air. True, once you get all the way there you’ll probably want to spend more than a day taking in the sand, sun, and surf, but in a pinch or as a stopover on an island-hopping trip, you can definitely see all this small but mighty island has to offer in 24 hours.

Malta (316 km²)

This country, made up of 3 small islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is an idyllic getaway perfect for history buffs and party animals alike. With over 7,000 years or fascinating heritage, Malta offers no shortage of amazing historical sites by day, and by night this European hotspot has some of the best bars and clubs on earth.

St. Kitts & Nevis (261 km²)

This two-island nation is another stunning Caribbean getaway that offers lush rainforest, virgin beaches, and a laid-back vibe to create the perfect tropical vacation getaway. Lay back on the beach with a cocktail or hike the mountainous terrain for panoramic views–or do both in a day!

Liechtenstein (160 km²)

Liechtenstein isn’t just known for being one of the smallest countries in the world, it’s also historically the richest, only recently overtaken by Qatar. Nestled in between Austria and Switzerland, the Alps run through this tiny nation, giving it a fairy tale terrain with great hiking, in addition to amazing museums and historical castles.

San Marino (61 km²)

Though it’s inside of Italy, San Marino is its own autonomous nation with a rich blend of Italian culture and its own unique traditions. Packed with incredible historical artifacts, majestic castles, and breathtaking sceneries, San Marino is the perfect day trip from cities like Florence or Bologna.

Tuvalu (26 km²)

This small island in the South Pacific is a marine paradise with incredible snorkelling and diving. Once a British Territory, Tuvalu only has a population of 10,000, but it’s bursting with culture and natural beauty. Spend one of the best days of your life checking out the Funafuti Marine Conservation Area and the Funafuti Lagoon.

Monaco (2 km²)

This tiny country is situated on the famously idyllic French Riviera and has long been a vacation spot for the upper crust of European socialites. Famous for it’s Gran Prix formula 1 race and luxurious casinos, Monaco is the perfect place to throw on a smoking jacket and see how the other half lives.

Vatican City (0.44 km²)

The smallest country in the world, Vatican City is only ⅛ of the size of New York’s central park with 5 times the history. Governed by the Pope, this opulent city-state is an unbelievable mixture of culture, art, religion, history, and unparalleled architecture. Take a trip from Rome to see the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the famously stoic Swiss Guard all in one amazing day.

Though you could see each of this incredible nations in just a day, all of them hold enough treasures to constitute an entire vacation in and of themselves. After all, size isn’t everything.