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New eVisa for Kenya

Travellers planning an upcoming trip to Kenya can now apply for their visa online as part of a new initiative introduced by the Kenyan National Government Department of Immigration Services this week.

As of July 1, 2015, travellers can process their visa prior to arrival, and will then be required to present their printed eVisa for Kenya upon entry, avoiding any long queues and delays.

This is part of a transition period and visitors will still have the option of obtaining their visa on arrival at all international airports up until the end of August, 2015. For arrivals post September 1, 2015, visas will need to be applied for through the online application process, and visitors are advised to register their application well in advance of travel as approvals may take up to seven days to process.

The four-step procedure requires visitors to submit an application form and passport-sized photo. The visas will be processed and sent online to the applicant(s). The applicant(s) will then be required to print out the approved visa and present it to an immigration officer at the point of entry.

Single Entry Visa (SJV) valid for three months from date of issue – US$ 50
Multiple Entry Visa (MJV) –  $110
Transit Visa (TV) – $20

You can also pay using Euros, GBP or Swiss Francs.

The procedure of application has now been modified and simplified to a user friendly mode that takes three simple steps. The E-Visa portal now has its dedicated website: Visa approval is being done real-time.