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Peru and Chile Hit by Heavy Rainfalls

Torrential rain has been causing havoc along the Pacific coast of South America, especially in Peru and Chile.

In PERU, between Tacna and Arequipa there are problems due to heavy rainfalls. Roads getting into Arequipa are damaged due to the rain but with patience you can still get there. Flying to Arequipa is also possible although the airport has been closed for 8 days in the last 3 weeks, causing many flights to have big delays.

The road Tacna to Lima is closed at Ica. The bridge over Rio Grande is damaged and buses cannot pass through. It might take 3 more days according to the Ministry of Transportation to repair it. They cannot fix the bridge until the river retreats.

Beware of the companies still selling tickets, it might mean getting stranded there and then walking over the bridge and looking for other transportation to continue.

The road Lima to Cusco is closed due to the flash flood in Chosica. There were 8 dead and the Central Panamerican Highway cannot be used for at least another week. Alternative routes exist to Huancavelica, Huancayo, etc., but as more rain is expected till the end of the month, those roads might close as well. In any case they are dangerous.

There have been many flash floods in the North of Peru (La Libertad) and expecting more to follow.
Looks like Cusco and Puno are not too bad, some roads difficult to pass by but no big issues.

The strong and unusual rains in the North of CHILE has affected a few cities. In San Pedro de Atacama, the situation doesn’t seem as complicated as in other cities of the region. Communication services, interrupted until a few hours ago, have been totally re-established. The weather is going to get worst in the coming days, and some light rain is expected for the night and maybe tomorrow.

Of all the excursions and tours in the area, only the Highland and Cejar Lakes have been cancelled, every other service is operating without any issues. The border crossings of Hito Cajon and Jama have remained closed since yesterday. The status of Paso de Ollagüe is still unknown.

LAN suspended flights 340, 348, and 358, from Santiago to Calama, reprogramming passengers on some day flights, or changing them for tomorrow. Of the Calama to Santiago flights, LA341, 349, and 359, have been cancelled. Most of the passengers embarking on those planes have been transferred to different flights. For tomorrow, with the communication problem solved, it is expected that the Calama to San Pedro flights and airport transfers will run as usual.

According to specialists, rainfalls will continue till the end of the month. It is prognosticated a new wave of El Niño in April and May.