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Top 5 Places To Go in Morocco

Morocco may be a small country, but it is packed with incredible places to visit. Planning a trip to this vibrant wonderland can be stressful because there are simply so many great choices, but fear not!

We have compiled the 5 best places to go in Morocco, giving you a variety of experiences to soak up both the incredible culture and the unbelievable natural beauty.

1. Marrakech

Morocco Marrakech

The ancient and exotically vibrant city of Marrakech is easily the most visited place in Morocco, and with good reason. The twisting, narrow streets of the Old Medina, the amazing and overwhelming Jamaa el Fna main square, filled day and night with dancers, snake charmers, and sizzling street food, and tranquil escapes like the Majorelle Garden create a unique cultural explosion that you would be remiss not to see (and smell and hear) at least once in your life.

2. Fes

If you were impressed by the wafer-thin alleys of Marrakech’s Old Medina, get ready for the attenuated splendor of Fes. The multicoloured streets of Fes are bursting with so many spices, leather goods, tantalizing street eats, vibrant silk shops, and many more artisanal goods that you will sometimes to need to turn sideways to fit down them. Give yourself at least a full day to wander this souvenir-shopping paradise and don’t forget to stop and snap a photo at the stunning Blue Gate entrance.

3. Essaouira

After the sensory extravaganza of Marrakech and Fes, Essaouira is the ultimate chilled-out escape. This beachside town in southern Morocco is a laid-back fishing port with soft-lit blue and white architecture, free-wheeling seagulls, and friendly surfer folk galore. Grab an espresso, walk the wharf, discover the incredible fish market, and relax your senses in this welcoming and visually stunning beach town. If you are sporty type of a person, surf here is great too!

4. Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen Morocco

Known as the Blue City, this gem high in the northern Rif Mountains of Morocco is a visual feast. Snuggled into a mountainside cleft, the entire city is painted in cool shades of blue. It’s a travel photographer’s dream, with incredible vistas, vibrant street markets, and gorgeous cobalt architecture. From here it is also a quick day-trip to the incredible waterfalls of Akchour, offering an unforgettable hike and breathtaking a landscape of gorges, crystalline rivers, and cascades.

5. Merzouga

One of the hardest decisions to make in Morocco is where to have your Sahara experience. If you’re short on time, a two-day excursion to Zagora will do, but nothing compares to a three-day (minimum!) Marrakech to Merzouga experience. Words cannot describe that first glimpse of the deep red and rose-gold dunes stretching to the horizon like a petrified ocean. As you ride your camel caravan through the Sahara, it’s hard not to have an out-of-body experience, imagining the centuries of Berbers who have made the same trek and slept on the same sands. As the sun goes down, settle into the unimaginably soft, cool dunes and sink your hand into the sand to feel the sun’s heat sealed into the deeper layers. Breathe deeply and know that you’ll never forget this moment.

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