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Does Travelling Make You a Better Person?

Does travelling change you?

This is a question that people who travel a lot can relate to. If you look back at how you were before you started travelling and compare it to who you are now, the difference will be drastic and for the better. Here are some of the ways that travelling makes you a better person:


Makes You a Social Person

When you travel, you will have to start making friends or you will end up being alone. Your life will open up as you meet new people, learn new ways of being, and start talking to strangers. You will begin feeling more comfortable in a new setting with new people, and start making new friends easily. It’s only a matter of a couple of trips before you become a more outgoing, open, and social person.


Makes You Good With Conversations

Travel doesn’t just make you comfortable talking to people, it makes you better at it. You will become a natural conversation-starter and become adept at small-talking, which will lead to really interesting conversations where you can truly learn about someone or something new.


Boosts Your Confidence

Once you start travelling around the world and exploring the thrills of life, you will start gaining confidence. Hiking in tough terrains, diving in blue seas, navigating unknown cities, and conquering your fears, you are bound to feel more confident in yourself. This will let you set your sights on achieving more and greater experiences in life with ease.


Makes You More Adaptable

It’s not that everything goes smoothly when you travel. There will be times when you take a wrong train, miss your flight, misplace your wallet, or get lost somewhere. But after a period, you learn to adapt to different situations and don’t lose your cool if things don’t go according to plan. You stop getting frustrated or angry, and just by making small changes in your attitude you can solve problems more calmly and easily, and move on with your journey.


Makes You More Adventurous

With confidence comes courage, and courage is what powers the adventurous streak in you. You will lose sight of fear and start experimenting and taking on more challenges. Now if you go on a trek and discover a bungee jumping opportunity there, you you won’t hesitate to take the plunge.


Makes You Smarter

If you think about all the experiences you gained while travelling, you will know that they taught you about many aspects of life and the world. As you travel, you learn about people, traditions, history and food in places where many people only think about going. Your life will expand with all these experiences as you become a smarter, more worldly person. The valuable lessons gleaned from real-life experiences can’t be found in books.


Makes You Happier

As you become more outgoing, confident, relaxed, adaptable, and more able to see the brighter sides of the world, you will surely become a much happier person than you previously knew you could be.