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Bamba Experience and Futbol for Kids in Peru – Video

In April 2018, Futbol for Kids and Bamba Experience visited the Huacatinco Village in Peru to hold free soccer clinics for the families and children of tourism workers on the Inca Trail.

Futbol for Kids in Peru

Bamba for Good partnered with Futbol for Kids in Peru to improve the lives of tourism workers and their families that are directly affected by the tourism industry.

Bamba and Futbol for Kids in Peru

A group of 15 volunteers, from Bamba and the non-profit organization Futbol for Kids, visited Huacatinco Village in the Andean mountains, to give a free 3-day soccer clinic for the village school children. Bamba chose the  Huacatinco Village because many of the Inca Trail porters employed by Bamba live there. We wanted to show our appreciation for the incredible work they do on the trail.

History of the Organisations

Founded by John Monreal, Futbol for Kids is a non-profit organization with the mission “to deliver as many soccer balls to underprivileged kids as possible worldwide.” The foundation has the belief that one of life’s most simple pleasures is getting outside and kicking a ball.

Foster Soccer kindly collaborated with Futbol for Kids in Peru by bringing soccer coaches to conduct the free clinics and help the children learn new soccer skills in a fun environment. The founder and head coach of Foster Soccer, Ben Foster, has always been involved with sports. He has an innovative approach which helps children learn using a fun, engaging and age-appropriate program.

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