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What is Responsible Tourism?

Image of a world map appearing on two open palmsWhat does the term ‘Responsible Tourism’ actually mean?  Imagine being welcomed into local villages, participating in native customs, tasting unique flavours in unknown corners of the world and observing the local way of life from a front-row seat. Now think about how you might feel if a foreigner came into your school or neighbourhood and started snapping photographs of you, your family and your friends as you went about your daily life without asking permission.

Responsible tourism means behaving modestly while travelling in local communities and respecting the traditions and customs of the local culture. Asking permission to take photographs of local people and local ceremonies, respecting local authorities and not overstepping boundaries while in a local community are just a few guidelines you should follow while travelling. When visiting most traditional villages and places of worship, it is best to respect the dress code by wearing conservative clothing. Supporting the local economy by shopping at marketplaces and dining at local restaurants and taking public transportation are great ways to give back financially to the places you travel. Giving a small gift to a local family or children along the way is also a fun way to interact with the community. While travelling in pristine environments it is of utmost importance to pack in and pack out everything you carry with you as well as taking only photos of flora and fauna you see along the way, leaving the environment exactly as you found it.

Responsible tourism offers a way to get up-close-and-personal with local communities and environments for a unique travel experience while respecting their traditions and customs.

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