Find the Perfect Team to Support if You Didn’t Make it to the World Cup 2018

So your team didn’t make it into the FIFA World Cup this year, don’t despair there are 32 competing countries who would love your support. The best way to support a country is from the country, with the locals! Find the right team for you and book a last minute trip to show the team just how much you care! Click on the country links to start planning your trip.

The Underdogs


If you’re not in it to win it, but in it for a damn good time. Then Panama is your team! This is the countries first time competing in the World Cup making it a historic event for the country, and one that would be amazing to be a part of! And with its tropical climate, gorgeous beaches and delicious fresh seafood, there are definitely worse places to watch the game.


If you love a hot, steamy summer then why not watch the World Cup from Japan! Join hundreds of locals in Japanese beers gardens to watch the game with a cold local beer. While you’re there check out a few of the many Japanese festivals held from June to September.

South Korea

If you’re after a trip with a little more Seoul (soul, get it) why not set your football loving eyes on South Korea. Watch the game from a rooftop bar with the locals, and if a rooftop isn’t high enough why not give paragliding a go? Whether they win or lose you’ll have a chance to celebrate with the locals in the Boryeong Mud Festival held the weeks after World Cup wraps up.

In With a Chance


So you haven’t got tickets to the matches, that doesn’t mean you can celebrate the World Cup with the host country outside of the stadium walls. Russian sports bars are preparing for the million-plus football fans streaming into the country for the World Cup as we speak. Breath in the atmosphere of the World Cup and experience all Russia has to offer.


The World Cup falls during the touristic low season in Morocco and also during the hottest time of the year. But if you find a venue, streaming the games, with the AC on full you’re sure to have an incredible time cheering on the team with the locals. When you’re not watching the game why not explore the aromatic markets, enjoying cool drinks and delicious food as you do.


Woman in cap looks out of Machu Pichu

Like many Latin American Countries, Football (or Soccer) is the countries most popular sport. However, Peru hasn’t qualified for the World Cup since 1982 so you know this year’s World Cup is going to be a big deal. If you want to scream at the TV, dancing around with the locals after every goal scored, crying at every loss. If you have a REAL passion for the game, then Peru is the place for you.

Strong Contenders


Another country making the most of the warmer months, Poland has a number of outdoor festivals and activities to fill in the time between games. As for the World Cup, Poland has a great team this year and they know it. Expect to be standing as every barstool, cafe chair and couch cushion are filled by the excited fans ready to cheer on their team.


A beautiful time of year to go to this incredible country and cheer with some of the most enthusiastic football fans in the world! With incredible food, pristine beaches, vibrant culture, great climate and an excellent football team to support, if you’ve made it this far through the list without choosing a team, why not pick Mexico.


Uruguay held the very first World Cup ( and won it) back in 1930. Their passion for the game has not waned since then. They are entering this year’s World Cup with a strong team and passionate fans to back them. Another Southern Hemisphere country, don’t expect to be getting a tan while you’re there but with temperate climates, you shouldn’t be too worried about the cold either.

Safe Bet for the Finals


Holding the record for the most World Cups titles you’d think the Brazilians would have had enough if the World Cup, especially as they were the host country for the last Cup in 2014. But this is one country that will never get enough of the nations favourite sport. So bust out your yellow and green face paint and go celebrate the great game with them!


Winners of the last World Cup, Germany enters the contest with a strong team once again. Enjoy the warm summer days with cold beers in large crowded bars, cheering on the reigning champions! Then eat and drink your way across the country when the World Cup is done 🙂


With one of the worlds biggest football superstars on their team, Christiano Ronaldo, you can be sure that the whole nation will be watching. Why not join them for the games and spend the rest of your time enjoying the Portuguese summer. Sample the delicious wines and food travelling around this stunning country.


If you’re the kind of person that likes to back a winner, then Argentina is as close to a sure horse as you’re going to get. They’re picked to take out the number one place in the 2018 World Cup so why not be there when it happens. Imagine the atmosphere as the country triumphs above all others to take home the Cup or the crushing feeling of heartbreak as they come so close yet fail to achieve their goal. You’ll never know what that feels like if you don’t book your ticket right now to join the Argentinians on their journey.