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The Ultimate Guide: Every Country In The World’s Top Attraction

Created by Voucher Cloud, a map of  each country in the world’s top attraction!  You may be surprised by some of the attractions included, and those that don’t seem to make an appearance- for example, England’s top attraction is none other than the Harry Potter studio tour! Beating out Buckingham Palace, Liverpool- the birth place of the Beatles and Westminster, the home of the UK Parliament. It may not be to shocking to Harry Potter nuts, but rest assured there are plenty more surprising popular tourist destinations that you didn’t expect, and some of the usual favourites that are definitely on every traveller’s bucket list. And the best part is the list comes from TripAdvisor, so all of the chosen attractions are selected by fellow travellers, so you know it’s a list you can trust!

Every country in the world's top attraction



Europe- top attraction

Europe’s most popular attractions seems to be leaning towards historic tourist spots, with a lot of popularity surrounding Sweden’s Vasa Museum, Germany’s Miniatur Wunderland, and unsurprisingly Italy’s Colosseum. We can always count on Ireland, the Emerald Isle to find the beauty in nature with it’s allure among tourists being the idyllic Kilarney National Park.


The Americas

The Americas- top attraction

And it’s not surprising that natural tourist attractions are the most popular in The Americas. With such stunning natural wonders as Iguazu Falls in Brazil, the famous Machu Picchu in Peru, and Niagara Falls in Canada. Millions of traveller’s flock to these amazing destinations, and we can’t blame them! The world is a mysterious place and these natural phenomenons have to be seen, to be believed.

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