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Exploring the Heart of the Amazon Jungle: A 4-Day Tour in Iquitos, Peru

As a businesswoman constantly immersed in the hustle and bustle of corporate life, the call of the wild had always been a distant dream. However, one fine day, my husband and I decided to break free from our usual routine and venture into the heart of the Amazon Jungle in Iquitos, Peru. 

Our 4-day, 3-night trip to Iquitos promised to be a life-changing experience, where we would immerse ourselves in the wonders of the rainforest, its untamed beauty, and the vibrant cultures of the people who call this magnificent place home. Join me as I take you through our thrilling journey, one filled with remarkable encounters, breathtaking sights, and unforgettable moments.

Day 1: Iquitos - Amazon Jungle, Peru

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Our adventure began with an early morning arrival in Iquitos. We couldn’t contain our excitement as we touched down in this gateway to the Amazon rainforest. The journey kicked off with a transfer to the port, where a swift 3-hour boat ride awaited us, carrying us upriver on the majestic Amazon River. The river itself seemed to breathe life into the dense jungle that loomed on either side.

Upon arrival at our jungle lodge, we had a sumptuous lunch to fuel our spirits for the days ahead. The excitement didn’t stop there, though. In the afternoon, we embarked on the Leoncito Hike, an unforgettable trek through the lush rainforest. The highlight? Tasting the water from the Uncaria tomentosa, a plant locals believe has remarkable healing properties. We also witnessed the grandeur of the ceiba tree, a colossal natural wonder. Moreover, we were lucky enough to spot the world’s smallest monkey, the pygmy marmoset, and other monkeys, including the howler monkey with its deafening roar.

As the sun set over the vast expanse of the Amazon, we returned to the lodge for a delicious dinner. In the evening, we set off on a boat ride to encounter caimans, nocturnal birds, and mammals, making the first day of our adventure truly surreal.

Day 2: Amazon Jungle, Peru

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We greeted the second day of our jungle journey with an early breakfast with our local in-destination travel expert, preparing for an exciting boat trip to the Sapote lagoon and Laguna Moena. These serene lagoons held the promise of lazy bears and monkeys, captivating us with their playful antics.

One of the most thrilling moments of our trip occurred when we tried our hand at fishing, attempting to catch piranhas in the Corriente and Purura lagoons. This experience was a true adventure, but piranhas weren’t the only fascination here. The area was also home to the enigmatic “hoatzin” or shansho bird, a creature that seemed to have stepped out of prehistoric times.

As the day waned, we returned to the lodge for a delightful dinner buffet. Our night took a more mysterious turn as we embarked on a night walk, seeking the jungle’s Peruvian wildlife, like large frogs, the anaconda’s favorite meal. We also had the chance to observe tarantulas, debunking their undeserved reputation as dangerous creatures.

Day 3: Amazon Jungle, Peru

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A new day began, and it was nothing short of magical. We boarded a boat to cruise the Amazon River, where we found ourselves in the same waters as the pink and grey dolphins. Though we couldn’t touch them, their presence was awe-inspiring.

On our way back to the lodge, we encountered the Victoria Regia, the largest aquatic plant in the world, and even spotted iguanas basking in the sun. The adventure continued with a boat or canoe excursion to Jorge Caño in search of the elusive Howler Monkey.

In the late afternoon, we had the privilege of interacting with the warm-hearted people of the jungle in the village of San Juan de Yanayacu. These spontaneous encounters ranged from playing soccer with the locals to exploring their handicrafts made from seeds and vegetable ivory.

As night fell, we set off on a serene night canoe trip, allowing us to intimately experience the sounds and sights of the jungle. It was a fitting way to conclude our penultimate day in this breathtaking wilderness. All the travel reviews I saw were truthful.

Day 4: Amazon Jungle - Iquitos, Peru

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Our last morning in the Amazon jungle began with an excursion to the challenging-to-reach Casha Lagoon. Here, we either walked or rowed, depending on the river’s level, as we watched various species of birds and monkeys in their natural habitat.

With heavy hearts, we bid farewell to this enchanting world, embarking on a three-hour boat journey back to Iquitos. We disembarked at the hotel or airport, marking the end of our extraordinary custom trip.

Final Word

Our 4-day tour into the Amazon Jungle of Iquitos, Peru, was nothing short of a life-changing experience. From thrilling hikes and fishing for piranhas to swimming alongside pink and grey dolphins, this adventure was a testament to the unparalleled beauty and biodiversity of the rainforest.

Our interactions with the people of the jungle in San Juan de Yanayacu left us with a profound appreciation for their culture and way of life. This adventure not only allowed us to immerse ourselves in the natural wonders of the Amazon but also to connect with the remarkable people who call this wilderness home.

As we left Iquitos with memories of incredible wildlife sightings, tranquil boat rides, and the vivid colors of the Amazon etched into our minds, we were filled with gratitude for the opportunity to experience this untamed paradise. The Amazon Jungle is a place where nature’s grandeur meets human resilience, and we couldn’t have asked for a more enriching journey. This trip was a revelation, reminding us of the preciousness of our planet’s natural wonders and the importance of preserving them for generations to come.

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